Websites: Simple to Multifaceted

A simple website, such as this one, will cost you as little as $200. Just imaging going from no presence on the Internent to having an excellent site for a couple hundred dollars! The WooCommerce site below costs several thousands of dollars, but with all its functionality, it is well worth it.


WordPress Websites

Featuring the variety and versatility of WordPress.


Rock Solid Teen Center

This is my most recent website created using the Elementor website builder. It's designed to be appealing and informative.

WordPress Woo-Commerce

Hospitality Depot

This is a WooCommerce website that is still under development, but features some very complex functionality. It's attractive and user friendly.

Amazon Affiliate Store

Rock Solid Store

This is our Amazon Affiliate store. It includes WooCommerce features, while integrating Amazon store product at the same low prices.

Website Edits and Simple Sites

Good Value Can Equal Great Quality

WordPress Update & Editing

By Design Training

Some projects simply involve making significant updates and changes to an existing website. I can start from the ground up or edit your current website.

Simple GoDaddy Website

18 Until Lawncare

Websites such as this one can be created quickly and affordably using website builders such as Wix, Squarespace, Ionos, GoDaddy, Weebly...

Eastway Enterprises

Yes, this is the site!

I created this website using Ionos. I find Ionos to be easy to use, and their hosting site is fast and very affordable. I can build an Ionos site just for you.


New Website!
I created this simple website to feature some of the websites I have built and to let you know I'm open for business.


This is a true story: My parents created Eastway Enterprises and the logo. My father owned several local insurance agencies, but I don't believe Eastway Enterprises had any connection. However, the name and logo, "Eastway Enterprises" do sound and look impressive, don't you think? So I thought I would keep the dream alive, so to speak.